Cyber Security

designed and priced for SMBs!

Cyber Security is one of the greatest

risks to business today!

You could be one click away from financial ruin!

  • More than 70% of successful data breaches victimize small business.
  • The average small business loses between $36,000 and $86,000 as a result of that breach.
  • 60% of businesses that have a data breach are out of business in one year.
  • 91% of data breaches start with a spear phishing attack.
  • Employees are the most vulnerable to spear phishing attacks.
  • Employees are the last line of defense to protect your business.

Cybersecurity is like safety. You must have a constant campaign with current and relevant information to instill a safety culture. 


Mature organizations assess risk, address it through mitigation strategies then measure the outcome. The Altrivas System will help you do just that.


With our four (4) step system, Altrivas will assess the risk of your employees, provide needed training to mitigate any risk, test to make sure it sticks and provide reinforcement through micro-learning courses and constant information feeds.


The Altrivas Training System Four (4) Steps

Step 1 - Assess

Using a concept developed by Arun Vishwanath, Ph.D., MBA, Altrivas measures employee cyber risk with a detailed survey to determine and assign a Cyber Risk Index (CRI). The CRI will help you:

  • Assess who is likely to fall victim to different types of phishing attacks
  • Identify who needs training and how much in different areas
  • Identify where roles or privileges should be restricted based on risk
  • Identify who is improving with defined training

Step 2 - Educate

You just can't risk traditional low retention training when it comes to cyber security. Traditional training by itself doesn't work! It's time consuming and doesn't stick! The Altrivas Cyber Security Suite provides microlearning courses that provides bite-sized information (usually 7-10 minutes) which improves retention by up to 65%. Our courses are easy to access by employees from anywhere and at any time. Here's the courses we offer in our Cyber Security Suite:

  • Defining Cyber Security
  • Passwords
  • Protecting Your Mobile Device
  • Cyber Security while Traveling
  • Malware
  • Types of Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Email Phishing
  • Identity Theft
  • Cyber Security: Your Responsibility
  • Social Engineering
  • Minimizing Insider Threats
  • Protecting Intellectual Property
  • Protecting Your PC: Daily Precautions

Step 3 - Test

Altrivas administers phish testing to your employees by:

  • Matching the user to the attack (beliefs, behaviors and habits)
  • Using email templates from trusted sources (company, industry partners, Google, Amazon, etc.)
  • Identifying and administering just-in-time training from the test results

Step 4 - Reinforce

Altrivas reinforces the training and testing provided to your employees by:

  • Sending regular communications to employees to educate on cyber security best practices
  • Providing fliers for the workplace to keep cyber security information in front of your employees
  • Providing regular content for briefings and company newsletters

Remember - You could be one click away from financial ruin.

The Altrivas System is packed with value

for your business

Altrivas is well connected in the cyber community and has leveraged these relationships to build a system that provides unmatched value to small business.

  • Security awareness computer based training. A comprehensive training solution helps educate employees on security and cyber-risks.

  • Communication and reinforcement tools. Micro training courses dispersed throughout the year and our thought provoking  information Cyber Bites news releases transmitted on a schedule to keep your employees engaged.

  • Random Phishing Attacks. Altrivas uses highly realistic phishing emails sent randomly to test your employees. New emails are constantly added to keep up with current events, industry changes, and sales; all designed to capture your employees attention.

  • Just-in-time training. Employees are redirected to training that is just-in-time if they respond to phishing attacks. Our system instantly redirect users to a learning page with appropriate training material to change their behavior.

  • Phishing reporting. Altrivas has many different types of reports along with comparative reports on multiple tests to see a pattern of who is being lured.

  • Managed Service Provider SystemNo hardware or software to buy or install and no system to learn and staff. We do it all for you.

Ready to reduce your cyber risk?

More about the Altrivas System

Altrivas Cyber Risk Assessment

A 2017 report by MediaPro ranked

70% of employees as higher than acceptable risk

The Altrivas cyber risk assessment is designed to assess a persons' cyber risk. The result of the survey is a Cyber Risk Index (CRI) which is used to focus training and information to improve an individuals' risk of becoming victim to cyber attacks.


The CRI is a concept developed by Arun Vishwanath, Ph.D., MBA. To determine the CRI, Altrivas uses a risk assessment tool designed to:

  • Measure an employee's risk in the areas of beliefs and behaviors
  • Assess who is likely to fall victim to different types of phishing attacks
  • Identify who needs training and how much in different areas
  • Identify where roles or privileges should be restricted based on risk
  • Identify who is improving with defined training

The CRI assessment tool uses a set of questions leveraged from Harvard, Michigan State University and the PEW Research Center studies. The assessment uses 25 questions to measure beliefs and and gauge behaviors that determine an individual's level of risk. Beliefs indicate certain mental models while behaviors can show how likely people are to take positive or negative actions during an attack.


Based on the CRI, the employee is categorized as basic, intermediate or advanced. After completing the assessment and receiving the CRI, each employee is registered into the Altrivas Learning Management System (LMS) where courses are delivered to match the CRI category. A CRI score of less than 70 is considered basic and needs the most training and information drips. A CRI of 70 to 89 is intermediate. These are where most people should fall and represents a reasonable risk level for business. Those with CRI's above 90 should be the lowest risk employees and ones that you would want to place the highest trust in with your cyber security.

When you sign up for a free membership, you will be given access to our library of articles and information on cyber security, microlearning, and periodic newsletters and information to help you combat the risk cyber security poses to your business.


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Altrivas Cyber Security Awareness Training

88% of employees surveyed lacked awareness to stop preventable attacks

To reduce your risk you must instill a culture that is safe and secure. Your security awareness program needs to reach a high rate of participation and engagement among users. Learning materials must be dynamic to spark motivation and change behaviors and habits.  Therefore content needs to be highly interactive, human-centric and fun.


Altrivas' library of content evolves at the same speed as emerging and fast-changing cyber security threats, regulatory obligations and social engineering-based attacks.  All courses are built or selected based on industry best practices and created by security awareness professionals, e-training specialists and behavioral change experts.  

Altrivas Real-Time Phishing Simulation

3 of 4 Data breaches are achieved using Spear Phishing emails

Phishing and spear phishing are the most widely used techniques to perpetuate cybercrime in use today.

  • Phishing emails cast a wide net. Tens of thousands go out indiscriminately from senders that look remarkably like your bank, or PayPal, or Uncle Sam.
  • Spear phishing attacks target specific users or groups of users (your employees, for example). They often appear to come from someone you already know or trust, whose email signature has been spoofed for exactly that purpose.

The human element is the weakest link when it comes to cyber security. Altrivas' phish testing platform provides a means to test employee vulnerability to cyber security test. Using real world simulations, employees are routinely sent emails to test their ability to avoid cyber threats.


Real-time phishing simulations are a fast and effective way to educate employees and increase alertness to attacks including malware, ransomware, spear phishing, whaling, and CEO fraud.


Real-time phishing simulations have proven to double employee awareness retention rates and yield a near 40% ROI, versus more traditional cybersecurity training tactics (Ponemon Study)


A well-planned phishing campaign is designed to protect your organization from fraud and data loss, financial penalties or losses as well as brand and reputational damage, and requires a phishing simulation platform that is:

  • Extremely flexible and scaleable
  • Automated and randomized phishing
  • Tests for baseline and report campaign results

Unlike some of the more obvious emails asking to send bank information to Nigeria, Altrivas sends emails that simply takes a trained eye to catch. If an email link is used the employee will get a notice and just-in-time training will be provided through the Altrivas Training System.

Altrivas Reinforcement

Make a lasting change to employee behavior!

Altrivas provides a constant flow of information to you and your employees to increase employee awareness and reinforce the training they receive with Altrivas. We drip content in a variety of media. Included in our drips are information on safe banking, password protection, protecting children, protecting personal and family identities online, securing home networks, spam and virus protections, and much more. Your employees will learn to reduce their cyber risk at work and at home.

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