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Our mission:

Deliver the best value training for use anywhere, anytime.

About Altrivas 

Founded in 2017, Altrivas LLC is a Certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise/Small Business registered in the State of California (ID: 2012865). We have over 40 years of training management, development and delivery experience training over 20,000 students across the U.S.  

We understand the challenges of SMB's.

  • Deploying a competent workforce
  • Managing and mitigating risks
  • Maintaining the lowest operating costs
  • Finding and keeping revenue sources
  • Building and keeping a good reputation
  • Keeping up with and complying with regulations

The Altrivas Solution

Altrivas provides Managed Training Services:

  • Provides a cost effective, best value solution for your workforce.
  • Creates your course syllabus (anti-harassment, etc.), schedules your employees, and provides certificates of completion for each employee.
  • Provides courses maintained with proven academic and professional research.
  • Provides specialized training, if needed, with courses such as anti-harassment, cyber security, and active shooter.
  • Delivers a world class Learning Management System so employees can access courses any time, anywhere (in an office or in the field).
  • Provides the business owner with a revenue source when sharing our services with other businesses.

Altrivas Training Course Design

Altrivas training courses are designed to:

  • Use microlearning to deliver memorable and highly impactful course materials to achieve the highest level of retention possible.
  • Change behaviors with highly targeted engaging communications so employees achieve measurable results.
  • Average seven (7) minutes with a format resembling the evening news with background graphics that support the segment.
  • Keep the employee engaged by changing or moving something on the screen ever 4-7 seconds.
  • Use bright colors to stimulate memory (cognition).
  • Provide content based on proven research from institutions such as Columbia, Harvard, University of California, U.S. Department of Education, Nielson, Forrester Research, Cambridge (UK), and Virginia Tech. 
  • syllabus (anti-harassment, etc.), schedules your employees, and provides certificates of completion for each employee.
  • Avoid "click and read" or lengthy content.

The Altrivas Opportunity

Altrivas provides a revenue source for business owners so they can offset the cost of training their employees.

  • Business owners know other business owners.
  • Business owners can get paid for referring other business owners who subscribe.
  • No points! No qualification! No levels to achieve.
  • Bonus: Business owners get access to the full Altrivas catalog of (over 300) courses. 
    • Catalog includes courses in MS Office, Office 365, Quickbooks, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Stress Management, Coaching, Leadership, Health and Fitness, and more. 

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