Compliance and Cyber Security Training

designed and priced for SMBs!

Our mission is to bring affordable Compliance and Cyber Security training to Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs).

About Altrivas 

Founded in 2017, Altrivas LLC is a Certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise/Small Business registered in the State of California. We have over 40 years of training management, development and delivery experience training over 20,000 students across the U.S.  

The Value of Microlearning for Your Organization

Altrivas provides microlearning courses designed to change behaviors with highly targeted engaging communications. 

  • Cost Effective. Your employees will have more productivity by avoiding excessive time spend in lengthy courses that produce low retention. Because our courses are small but impactful, the cost to purchase and deliver these courses are easy on the budget.

  • Engaging. Our courses are designed to keep the users attention throughout the course by changing or moving something every 4-7 seconds while using bright colors to stimulate memory (cognition).

  • Efficient. Our courses average seven (7) minutes and delivered on a cost effective cloud-based platform so your employees are provided only the necessary knowledge.

  • Mobile Ready. Our courses are designed to be viewed on any device. Your employees can view courses anywhere and at any time (even on their smart phones.)

  • Up-to-date. Our courses are updated regularly with the latest laws that impact your business. We use proven academic and professional research to stay up on the latest trends in microlearning.

  • Compliance. All organizations must comply with state and federal regulations. Your employees will get clear up-to-date guidance using our straightforward and up-to-date compliance training videos.

  • Oversight. Our Learning Management System (LMS) provides the capability for managers to monitor training completion throughout the year and download reports to provide documented evidence of compliance and other training provided.

  • Managed ServicesNo hardware or software to buy or install and no system to learn and staff. We do it all for you. We build the right curriculum to support your business needs whether it's compliance, cyber security, or specialized training.

Ready to take your employee training to the next level?

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The Altrivas Microlearning Approach

What is Microlearning?

It's one of the most effective forms of learning and training. Microlearning is the breaking down of information into topical, bite-sized chunks. By interacting with these highly-targeted learning bursts, lessons become much easier to digest and the likelihood of knowledge retention is increased. Microlearning courses are easier to develop, update and distribute compared to traditional eLearning courses and completion rates are dramatically higher. Furthermore, the compact nature of microlessons means microlearning is a great enabler of other techniques such as Peer Learning, Spaced Repetition and Just-in-Time training.

How does Microlearning Work?

Human memory can only hold up to five new pieces of information before it gets lost or overwritten. Microlearning (which can also be written as micro-learning and micro learning) doesn't overwhelm learners with unnecessary facts which makes both educational learning and company training much more effective. By focusing on fewer topics, knowledge has a greater liklihood of transferring from short-term to long-term memory where it is embedded.


eLearning courses that employ microlearning typically see completion rates rise from as low as 15% to around 90% and beyond. It was first pioneered as computer-based training, but with smartphones becoming ubiquitous, going mobile has become a natural fit. There are many types of microlearning but mobile learning brings with it benefits such as push notifications for lesson reminders, cloud distribution & translation plus the ability to deliver microlessons (that are always up to date) direct to learners' pockets.

What are the Benefits of Microlearning?

Learners feel a greater sense of accomplishment – rewards are earned quickly and progress is tangible. Feeling like they have taken a large step towards their goals in a short time motivates learners to return again and again.


Short, succinct microlearning courses make outcomes clear. By implementing a single learning objective in a micro lesson plan, authors can give focus to what they know is important, which gives learners clear direction and objective goals.

You'll receive an email with the access link within 24 hours of registration.

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